Friday, October 29, 2010

Tattoos featured on ABC News Special

TEMPTU was featured on a special WABC New York Backstage Broadway Preview previewing the top shows to hit the stage this Fall Season. I was briefly interviewed to speak about the history, application process of the Temptu Tattoo Transfers and my involvement with the Green Day’s American Idiot stage show. Check out the special and the custom tattoos that are featured in the hot new Broadway show.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

T-Shirt Time!!!

It's so great to have spontaneous creative moments with amazing artists that inspire you. This was a fun t-shirt project that Edwin, Tom and I all did today on our windy rooftop.

First we took photographs of each other and then enlarged with xerox copies. The next step was to create a self portrait stencil. After having our images ready, we began experimenting with spray paint on our shirts. I was the first to go and made some good and bad discoveries about the process.

After learning a lot and having a ton of fun spray painting in a tornado, we came out with some really fun images and new clothes to wear!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Tattooed Wedding Gift

A very happy newly wed couple came into the shop for a tattoo. The young woman requested a fully opened carnation to represent her grandmother with a tiny lady bug to symbolize her daughter. The challenge was she wanted both the carnation and lady bug to be red. We decided on a unique white carnation with red tips. Problem solved... the lady bug would sit on the white part of the petal.

In the midst of the tattoo and getting to know the couple, I found out how newly wed they were! They had just gotten married the day before and were on their honeymoon in NYC. The tattoo was a wedding gift for the new bride from her now husband. I was so happy to be able to give such a romantic tattoo for someone who just had their special day!

Tattoos for Your Halloween Costume

Have a costume for Halloween yet? Feeling Sexy? or Sinister?

Once again I have joined forces with Temptu - the temporary tattoo specialists that brought you the original Tattoo Adorn Kits and the exclusive Dereon tattoos - with Temptu presents the Sexy and Sinister Chic Tattoo Kit at Sephora.

Pick up these hauntingly good temporary tattoos to complete your Halloween character costume! Available for a limited time only!

Makeup Artists Love Their Tattoos

It often occurs that a tattoo is not designed well. Surely with time it can become unrecognizable - leading to a 'touch up' or cover it completely with an entirely new design.

My very good friend Anne had gotten a tattoo many years of a small flower but we joked many times that it looked like a fly. We decided to cover the tattoo completely and to incorporate her traditional Korean name as well as. The addition of the branches and graphic silhouette of a bird was tattooed in a separate session.

Unfortunately, I lost my computer with the photos of the original tattoo but here is the final outcome.

I am happy with the outcome as it made one of my Makeup Artist friends content with what she always wanted tattooed on her.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Banksy tattoo

A good friend that I grew up with has recently come to me a few times to do his tattoos along with his very lovely wife. While I was working on his wife giving her a new butterfly, my friend was obviously itching to get a new one as well. Not wanting him to rush into the ink, I had him go home to do some research for his new tattoo.

The tattoo he finally decided to get is based off the art of Banksy. Banksy is a British graffiti artist known for his political street art and distinct stenciling images who's identity has yet to be confirmed.

The image he chose was the silouette of a young girl with a heart balloon floating above her. Being a big Banksy fan myself, I was thrilled to do the tattoo! After a little deliberation on size and location, he finally decided to put the tattoo his bicep.

He was very happy with the final outcome and said that he take a break from tattoos for a little while, but that's what he said last month.....I think he will back sooner than he thinks!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Deréon Temporary Tattoos with Beyoncé

Love tattoos? REALLY love Beyoncé? Want to recreate the tattoos from my shoot with Beyoncé?

Inspired by tattoo artwork I hand applied for the Deréon 2010 Fall Ad campaign, Temptu and Deréon have teamed up to give you the exclusive temporary tattoos collection featuring the elegant biker chick Beyoncé. Available in 3 distinctive cases or all 3 kits in a special Deluxe Limited Edition Kit with the variety of unique high quality temporary tattoo designs and photos of Beyoncé from my actual Deréon photoshoot!

Get on the waiting list and buy your exclusive limited edition tattoos today!!!

Available at Temptu or Sephora!